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Laurette said:"The evening torture is about to come tomorrow first. You're now stuck here. The day you'll spend in your room." *with nothing to do, Leafes ate the midday Lunch and went sleep, too. Elizabeth woke up in the night, and wrote a long letter to Flutter, while she slowly emptied her udder with the manual pump*

After those, she started to go back to sleep.

*Then she washed her ass, down to her hooves* "You're clean dear, I'll wash myself. Go and take some rest." Elizabeth went to the bed and slept in on it, because the exhaustion was too much. Laurette came. "I've got a pair of piercings left, turn around puppy." Then she attached them to her lips left the vulva. (( Possible for ya, to stay awake till 1:30 am your time?))

((I’ll try.)) She was fast asleep at that time.

*Leafes starts to wash her head and neck* "You're so beautiful, when You're wet" *smiles* moving down to her chest and the still hurting belly* "Shhh, I'm already very careful."

She tries to endure the pain.

*Instead going to shower, she pulled Elizabeth with her, then Leafes started to Kiss her again, while warm water warmed them* I don't want you to get hurt. They were hunting me, You're just here, because you wanted it. Run as early as possible, You're sacrified your freedom to be here. Shush you. *kisses her directly*

She can’t say a word because Leafes already has kissed her. She just moaned.

That was my payback, which was much too small... I'll take a shower, got to wash down all the lube.

She nods, panting heavily.

*Then, wet like she was, she dived in again, to get Lizzie to the climax*

She moans louder as she dived in again. After a few minutes, she wailed so loud as she climaxed, her juices spilling all over her face.

*Leafes keeping to pull, turning to a forceful licking* You're juice is so tasty *light blush*

"Th-thank you..", she moans a bit more.

Hello Elizabeth, my names Courtney,how are you today?

"Hi, Courtney. I’m fine. Thanks for asking. And…. How did you know my name?"

*he nods and smiles* yup!

"What’s up? Anything to share?", she asked.

You're doing too much for me, I'm not able to pay back. *VERY gently pulling the clit*

"Y-you’re such… A tease!", she moaned softly.

*he shrugs* im doing pretty good i guess

She nods. “Good to hear, Slendy.”